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Lifespring Distinctions

Lifespring was founded in 1974 by Dr. John Hanley, Sr., Ph.D., and quickly became one of the most successful experiential training movements in history. Dr. John Hanley intended that Lifespring would provide people with an opportunity to discover new possibilities for living an unprecedented future and experiencing new ways of being.

Part of this process offered participants the opportunity to develop new perceptiveness and awareness of the belief systems and mental models they employed when viewing the world. In short, they would have the chance to experience their world-view. As such, they could begin to produce new and unprecedented value in their lives by making choices and taking advantage of opportunities of which they were previously unaware.

One element that helped create this unprecedented value was that of drawing distinctions. A distinction, simply put, is a framework or mental model for viewing the world around us. We draw distinctions everyday when we assess or place value judgments on the situations in our lives. The distinctions we make in our worldview define the limits of what we see as possible. As such, understanding the distinctions that we make in everyday life is crucial in becoming aware of possibilities of which we are presently not aware. Seeing new distinctions opens up new possibilities for action and behavior.

This site gives information on some of the distinctions that Lifespring developed and utilized. There are articles on distinctions regarding responsibility, transformation, personal choice, living out a commitment, and having fun. These brief articles help chronicle Lifespring's development of these distinctions and how the organization made a stand to bring the clarity of new distinctions to people's lives.

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